Data Driven Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our Solution

Satellite Imagery

We use a combination of optical and microwave imageries as the raw data

Artificial Intelligence

We use state of art AI models and make predictions against the ground truth datasets

Domain Expertise

Our approach is based on expertise of a team of plant science, remote sensing, and soil science PhDs

Customized Large Language Models (LLMs)

Get the best of capabilities from tools such as ChatGPT toward your business goals

See the big picture in detail

Harness the power of satellite imagery and AI to unravel the complexity of land cover and land use.

Our cutting edge algorithms analyze every pixel, transforming raw satellite data into meaningful insight, so that you save time on analysis. Whether it’s identifying urban expansion, tracking changes in natural habitats, or assessing agricultural patterns, our solution tackled it.

Historical or current data analysis, let our expertise reveal the changes on the face of land.

Drag slider to the left and right to see AI classified land use (Southern ON, Canada)

Zone delineation and field productivity performance for soy/corn croplands (Midwest US).

Monitoring & management of croplands by AI and Satellite

Our cutting-edge fusion of remote sensing technology and farming expertise empowers the grain agribusiness industry with unparalleled insights.

With just a few clicks, unravel the health, vigour and potential yield of crops with precision at scale. Through the lens of advanced satellite imagery, we decipher subtle changes in vegetation patterns, providing vital information for farm performance assessment.

Whether you’re a farm business, an insurance provider or investment trust, you need to optimize land management, and our technology offers a holistic view of cropland performance enabling informed decisions that drive growth.

AI and Satellite for Revealing Change with Precision

Land Boundary Delineation through high resolution satellite images and AI;

Our pioneering approach combines the power of satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to discern even the subtlest transformations in landscapes.

Experience our earth observation technology in action, capable of identifying shifts in natural land formations and agricultural fields with unmatched accuracy.

Detection of cropland expansion to natural land using change detection algorithms on high-resolution satellite images

Drought affecting surface water and irrigated croplands (East of Khartoum, Sudan)

Observe & Detect Environmental Events by satellite imageries

Our fusion of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite technology and climate models empower you to detect and understand natural phenomena

Our technology’s power lies in deciphering complex patterns from space, enabling timely responses to mitigate risks and reduce impacts. 

Whether you’re a disaster management authority safeguarding communities or a conservation organization preserving fragile ecosystems, our solution empowers you with real-time data and predictive analytics.

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