We Track Sustainability In Croplands And Nature.

What We Do

Satellite Imagery

We use a combination of optical and microwave imageries as the raw data

Artificial Intelligence

The processed satellite images are fed to our ML models and make predictions against our ground truth datasets

Domain Expertise

Our approach is based on expertise of a team of plant science, remote sensing, ans soil science and PhDs

Ground Truth Verification

With robust statistical tools, we examine reliability of model outputs against stratified sampling

Where Change in Practices are Permanent and Additional

Using our image processing techniques, we evaluate any single parcel of land in any given area, and compare to other similar parcel in the same area. We analyze historical trends in the area, and assess additionality and permanence of practices such as reduced logging, minimal tillage, cover crops and biodiversity.

Change Detection, Land Use and Leakage

Does capturing carbon at one place caused extra emissions in another place? We use large-scale satellite imaging analysis and change detection algorithms to locate any extra counter-practice in the area where carbon credit is claimed.

Traceable Sustainability

We help food processing companies to reduce their scope 3 emission by tracing sustainability of their supply and source from most environmentally friendly farms. Our technology locates farms, elevators, storage and food processing facilities, and connect the dots from farms to forks.

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