Use the Power of AI to
Turn Land Observation into Business Intelligence

What We Do

Verification of Sustainability Practices in Cropland

  • Cover Crop
  • No-till
  • Soil Cover
  • Crop Rotation

Gain insights into Supply-Chain of Grains

  • Crop Type
  • Seeded acres
  • Yield

Change Detection in Land Cover and Land Use

  • Urbanization
  • Forest/Pasture to Farmland
  • Tree loss

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How We Do It

Satellite Imagery

We use a combination of optical and microwave imageries as the raw data

Artificial Intelligence

The processed satellite images are fed to our ML models and make predictions against our ground truth datasets

Domain Expertise

Our approach is based on expertise of a team of plant science, remote sensing, and soil science PhDs

Ground Truth Verification

With robust statistical tools, we examine reliability of model outputs against stratified sampling

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