Recommending best practices
based on real time and historical patterns of land management

Leveraging the power of advanced AI technology, we provide precise insights into management of croplands and natural resources. Our cutting-edge algorithms meticulously analyze every piece of data, converting raw data into actionable intelligence.

Whether you need to monitor urban expansion, track changes in natural habitats, or assess agricultural patterns, our solutions deliver exceptional accuracy.

Meet Our Management Team

Mahla Mirali

Mahla Mirali / CSO

Mahla has a PhD in plant sciences with 4 years of experience in data analyst and data scientist roles. She has fulfilled several data science projects in agriculture. She founded the company to make her dream a reality;  to make the planet a better place to live.

Salman Razavi

Salman Razavi / CEO

Salman has a PhD in mechanical engineering with 6 years of experience in artificial intelligence. He has been a research scientist at Natural Resources Canada and has been consulting private sector to adopt technologies for past 10 years.

Ehsan Toosi

Ehsan Toosi / Consultant

Ehsan has a PhD in soil sciences and is Director of Research at True Organic Products. He has +10 years of experiences with the specialty in sustainability. We are proud to have him in our team to apply his profound industry experiences.

Kate Withers Hess / Consultant

Kate has a PhD in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. She has been a serial entrepreneur in technology since 2017. She has +9 years of experience in agribusiness, and is our great point of contacts in the agribusiness. We are so delighted to work with her.

Hamid Khazaei

Hamid Khazaei / Consultant

Hamid has a PhD in crop breeding and genetics and is a researcher at the U of S. He has +12 years experience in breeding, sustainability, and climate change. We are thrilled to get his support on hidden patterns and trends from the analyzed data.

Ali Safilian

Ali Safilian / Consultant

Ali has a PhD in computer science. He has been a top researcher in mathematical structures and AI. He has +8 years of industrial experience as software engineer and data scientist. We are delighted to get his  advise on data-driven insights.

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