Case Studies

At Grain Data Solutions, we harness the power of AI and satellite imagery to deliver customized software solutions and valuable insights for our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of expertise and innovation to help our clients make informed decisions based on earth observation data.

Cast study 1- Land use and loss of biodiversity in the US

Our client, which is an NGO based in the US, needed a general picture of biodiversity loss in the US. The cost and time-demanding nature of biodiversity assessments make a comprehensive picture of biodiversity change in US croplands unavailable.

Using multiple databases, satellite images, and AI, our time-series analysis provided the client with history and trend of loss of natural land, and also the statistics of the variety of crops grown in US farmlands. Link to demo version

Cast study 2- Sustainability report for Corn/Soy farm in Southern Ontario

 Our client, which is a municipality authority in ON, Canada, required the status of soil cover and erosion in a number of farms for different periods of time, and the related change in the natural land next to those farms. They also required farm boundaries, and a pre-defined sustainability index for each farm plot.

Considering the huge cost of scouting, they reached us for a satellite/AI solution. Link to demo version